Arabic women's stories as told through their cooking


  • Graphic and Web Design and Publishing
  • Education and Training


  • Camden Council
  • Arts NSW
  • Macarthur Diversity Services Incorporated


  • Co-authoring of project concept
  • Project co-ordination
  • Desktop publishing workshops
  • Book design and production
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In 2010, ArtsNSW funded the community cultural program 'Overcoming Adversity and Celebrating Diversity'. As part of the project, three innovative activities embracing creativity, education, up-skilling and social cohesion and engaging people of various ages, backgrounds and abilities were conducted at Camden Council's award-winning multimedia facility, Camden Creative Studios.

In line with Council's Cultural Plan 2008-2013 'Cultivating Creativity in Camden', the over-arching aim of this entire project was to contribute strategically towards developing sustainable creative industries in the Camden Local Government Area.

Along with 'Sounds Like Us', a Polynesian choir and recording exercise and 'Don't Eat Plastic', an environmentally themed digital documentary short film, 'Written From Right to Left - Arabic women's stories' represented a unique opportunity for people in the Macarthur region and beyond to discuss, engage in and explore a variety of aspects relating to a specific cultural or social voice.

During a series of workshops, a group of local Arabic women's personal journeys were recounted and shared, language, calligraphy and typography were observed and discussed, digital design methods and skills were imparted and the special tools and techniques for eliciting magical food creations from simple ingredients were revealed.

The outcome of these exchanges has resulted in a celebration of the culinary art that lies at the very heart of a rich historical and cultural heritage. Through this collection of easy-to-follow recipes presented by five women of Arabic background – Rasha, Sana, Zahra, Monda and Najla – we can all enjoy a diversity of exotic dining pleasures and behold these women's stories as told through their wonderful cooking!

• If you wish to obtain a copy, please email me
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• As an appetiser, download and try out Sana's humos recipe.