Camden Council's award winning multimedia facility for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds


  • Graphic and Web Design and Publishing
  • Short Film Production and Live Video
  • Music Production and Performance
  • Education and Training
  • Policy, Planning and Implementation


  • Camden Council
  • Various project partners and supporters
  • Numerous participants of all kinds


With the assistance of State Government (ArtsNSW) and Council funding as well as support from suppliers in the way of discounts, Camden Creative Studios was launched in early 2006 under the directorship of Council’s Cultural Development Coordinator, Angela Pasqua.

The aim of this enterprise was to create a broad range of creative and educational opportunities for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds in the Camden Local Government Area. The initiative was in keeping with Council’s vision as outlined in its draft cultural plan for 2008-2013, ‘Cultivating Creativity in Camden’.

The Studios are unique in the Macarthur district. Located at Narellan Library, the facility consists of Mac-based computing, industry-standard software in all key multimedia applications, sound recording equipment and digital video and stills cameras. This set-up allows for both educational training and one-stop production, from concept to end product.

With an emphasis on developing an understanding of the building blocks of digital creativity and debunking many ‘state-of-the-art myths’, industry standard output has been possible despite – or even because of – utilising this predominantly consumer level technology resourcefully.

Since its inauguration, countless workshops and projects together with a vast array of project partners have been conducted – to a high standard and high participant satisfaction – covering graphic design, music composition, sound recording, short filmmaking, performance and more. During this time, the various projects have contributed to the establishment of workable project and course templates.

By being a locally accessible initiative with a diverse range of discipline and project possibilities, Camden Creative Studios represents a pragmatic approach to helping solve many problems that are arising in the Camden Local Government Area as the population grows exponentially. Lack of facilities, lack of digital skilling possibilities in an information age, the need to travel outside Camden, many Kids at Risk from low socioeconomic backgrounds: these are just some of the identifiable problem areas. With its emphasis on accessible higher learning, adaptability and excellence, Camden Creative Studios has sought, in its own unique way, to engage and unlock the creative potential that would otherwise easily have been overlooked and remained untapped.


One of the Studio’s key program areas has been to focus on providing creative services for people with disability, both as a production facility as well as a hands-on creative and learning centre. Indeed, when devising accessible arts programs, the clientele have been looked upon no differently to any other artist engaging with this technology. Emphasis is placed on encouraging and eliciting what is unique to that particular person’s aspirations and character, enabling them to explore and reveal their creative potential, independent of any stigma and, through this accessibility, transform their user experience into empowerment and greater choice.